Virtual Private Server

VERnet DC VPS is a service that uses the technology of single dedicated server splitting into several virtual servers. Each virtual server has its own processes, resources, configuration, and separate administration. Virtual Server provides a complete and independent control and management, like a normal dedicated server. The splitting technology completely eliminates the possibility for one Virtual Server’s user to access another Virtual Server.

VERnet DC VPS service provides users with an individual configuration and guaranteed server resources at a reasonable price. Virtual Server is suitable for large corporate websites, online stores, and any web projects that require large resources and stable operation. The possibility to add the required resources quickly makes this service particularly attractive for the projects in the stage of dynamic development.

Typical dedicated servers problems related to fault tolerance, server upgrade, replacement of components, backup are solved by VERnet DC data center operator. This allows the user to focus all attention on his project.

Virtual Private Server is granted completely ready to use, with guaranteed processor and memory resources in a user-selected configuration. In the future, all configuration changes are performed for free.

Service provides:

  • connection speed: Latvian internet resources — up to 100 Mbps, international — up to 50 Mbps;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • initial OS FreeBSD, Linux, Windows installation – free of charge;
  • vSphere client control panel – free of charge;
  • up to 4 real IP addresses – free of charge;
  • DNS zone records – without limits, free of charge;
  • server accessibility monitoring – free of charge.


Configuration Processor RAM HDD Monthly fee
VPS1 2 cores* 2 GB 50 GB EUR 29.00**
VPS2 2 cores* 4 GB 80 GB EUR 48.00**
VPS3 4 cores* 4 GB 100 GB EUR 65.00**
VPS4 4 cores* 8 GB 150 GB EUR 110.00**
VPS5 8 cores* 16 GB 200 GB EUR 195.00**

** 1 core – Intel Xeon X56xx 3.0Ghz.
** All fees do not include VAT.

Additional services (optional):

IP addresses EUR 1.50 for each additional IP-address monthly or by agreement
Server administration subject to agreement
Backup subject to agreement