Servers & Solutions

SIA VERSIJA staff are ready to help you to choose configuration and buy server equipment. We have an experience in developing information systems of different sizes — from entry-level server solutions to enterprise systems of large companies, which include:

  • HA solutions — high reliability solutions, redundancy, load balancing and fault tolerance;
  • services of large volume Data Storage;
  • unified threat management solutions, based on multifunction network security devices, effectively protecting, in particular, from the modern combined multi-level attacks.

We will not only find the best IT-solution for you, but also choose reliable equipment for its implementation.

When you are buying a server it’s important to choose the right manufacturer, because only well-known brands guarantee uninterruptable operation of its equipment for a long period of time. Advanced customer knows that the desire to save at all costs increases the risk of serious unexpected costs in the future. We focus on the world’s leading manufacturers of server hardware, such as Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, FUJITSU, and we use multifunctional network security devices Fortinet, Juniper, Cisco, MikroTik. But since we know that for the customer is important, not only reliability but also the cost of equipment, we try to find a compromise solution at a reasonable price.

It’s important that we do not insist that the customer collocate purchased equipment with us. But, of course, choosing our data center, customer will enjoy a number of advantages. We offer not only collocation, but also IT-administration of the whole set of equipment.