Networks & Data Channels

International companies use the VERnet DC data center for establishing their points of presence (PoP). For these customers, in addition to placing their equipment in the data center, we also provide extra services related to multiservice data networks construction. Most often it’s about so-called «last mile», but not limited to. If a customer needs to create a data transmission network that connects several geographically distant points, no matter where they are, we can offer an optimal and transparent solution.

Modern networks, in addition to common low-priority traffic, transmit high-priority traffic — video, voice and TDM. This type of traffic makes special demands on the data transmission network.

Our qualified personnel has extensive experience in the application of IP/MPLS and Carrier Ethernet for establishing high-speed data channels, including large international projects. Carrier Ethernet technology allows to separate different types of traffic over different VLANs with different priority or class of service according to SLA (Service Level Agreement), thus ensuring QoS (Quality of Service) mechanism.

Transmission of TDM traffic adds a requirement for network equipment synchronization. To transmit synchronous channels (n x 64K) we have TDMoIP (TDM over IP) equipment produced by RAD Data Communications. RAD devices can transparently transmit E1/E3 (T1/T3) streams over Ethernet based networks eliminating the need for leased lines, and support all applications of voice, video and data transmission.

Simple and reliable PDH/SDH technologies are still relevant. In case a customer needs just such solution, we can deploy PDH/SDH network over optical, copper or Wireless Broadband lines.

Not only we create a network infrastructure but also provide additional services, such as QoS, VLAN, VPN, etc.